Custom domain for Elastic beanstalk

Follow the below steps if you purchased a custom domain and you want to move your elastic beanstalk application to a production URL.

  • Login to your domain registrar and select your domain name
  • Click to edit the DNS settings.  If you have the default nameservers set, you should have access to the advanced settings
  • Create a CNAME record. The Host name should be WWW.  The Value should be value{name-you-gave-to-your-elb}
  • Create another record for URL Redirect.  The Host should be @.  The Value should be http://www.{name-you-gave-to-your-elb}.com

Your domain should propagate very shortly.  This could take 5 minutes or 24 hours depending on your host.  You can check on mobile phone or some other network as certain providers take longer than others to propagate.

You can also go to and type in the name of your domain name to see if it had propagated in your area.

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